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Social and Enterprise Framework

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The social and enterprise framework of Tarragona land is mainly related to chemical production and especially in the production of polymeric materials. With a production of more than 19.5 million Tm (66.433 million €), 51.7% of exports outside the peninsula and with 10.542 direct jobs and 31.626 induced jobs, it is the main economic engine of the land of Tarragona (source AEQT, annual report 2019).

In this context, the research group is actively involved in the transfer of knowledge and technology with companies in the area. In a very relevant way, one of the main missions of the group is training of Graduates, Master's Graduates and especially qualified Doctors (14 in the last 10 years) who end up developing their work in companies in the field of polymers. In recent years, it is important to highlight the active participation in industrial doctorate programs with local companies for the development of industrial application projects.

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The AEQT annually publishes a report to spread the state of the chemical industrial sector in Tarragona.