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Social Responsibility Activities

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The use of polymer materials based on renewable resources and their production through environmentally friendly processes and technologies not only suppose a technological challenge but also a change of mentality in society. In this sense, it is essential to educate and raise awareness to promote responsible and environmentally friendly consumption habits, enhancing energy minimization and waste generation, as well as reusing and recycling habits that are especially important in the fields of polymers. In accordance, our research group actively participates in raising society awareness through participation in workshops, informative speeches, opinion articles, scientific conferences, colloquia, etc. organized by the University and other institutions, such as knowledge antennas, mainly dedicated to primary and secondary students that constitute the society of the future.

If you want to enjoy the activities for primary and secondary school students, here you can find more information

  • If you want to organize some scientific diffusion activities on chemistry of polymer science contact us(ELIMINAR)